Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Shouldn't I Kill People

Why Shouldn't I Kill People
1. The person I kill may be the wrong person.
2. The person I kill may be the right person but an even worse person may take their place.
3. By killing the person, I take them out of the misery of their life.
4. By killing the person, I deprive them of more suffering and possibly the excruciating realization of what a pustulent putrid inhuman animal of an asshole they really are.
5. By killing the person, I may attract other people like them into my life.
6. Killing one person doesn't take care of the nest.
7. Killing people is not as easy as it looks on television. It's messy, blood stains and brains slip away from your fingers when you're trying to clean them up. Neighbours occasionally complain.
8. Killing people is a skill and it's easier to wound or main than kill and wounded maimed people don't take kindly to people who messed up killing them.
9. Pustulent putrid inhuman animal assholes often have friends.
10. The police are more likely to be pissed with you for doing their jobs.
11. The courts won't want you cutting in on their action.
12. Killing people might get you hurt.

a) The Ten Commandments say 'do not murder'. Killing people is murder despite what the Jesuits, lawyers and others like Clinton say about blow jobs not being a sexual relation. Killing people is probably only acceptable in self defence and even that may be questionable since paranoids project and psychopaths lie. Killing people is properly frowned upon.
b) Jesus said Love your Enemies. He also said do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So if you want your enemies to kill you then you won't have to kill them because you won't be around to contemplate such a question. Patton said he was pleased when the Germans said they were willing to die for their Fuhrer since that's exactly what he wanted them to do anyway.
c) Vegetarians shouldn't kill things they're not willing to eat anyway.
d) Cannibals prefer to eat young people and young people are usually too stupid and innoscent to warrant killing so don't teach cannibals about original sin as it only encourages them.
e) If there is karma killing a person may cause you to come back as your enemy's smegma.
f) Judgement is the Lord's and by killing a person you may deprive them of eternity of being with their own or getting the juicier punishment that only a vengeful God could deliver.
g) It's not nice to kill people.
h) There are better things to do with one's time than killing people. You can go for a walk, make love, have a bath, go shopping, write a sonnet, collect stamps or go bowling.

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