Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Canadian Author's Association - West End Writer's Circle

The women are too smart. They're accomplished. They're writing up a storm. Intrigue, romance, detectives, science fiction, travel, all ages, young adult, cross cultural, you name it. They do it. Felt my head glowing in the company. All that intellect. All that creativity. Feeling dull wattage at the end of the day and then hearing these novels in progress. San Francisco, Egypt, Kenya. I'd written something about terrorism and vigillantism but nothing so intricate and moving as what was coming at me tonight. It was sheer genius. And they're organized too. Comments flying. Feed back positive. How come I didn't think of that. We all liked that bit too and how much we all differ on that bit. Of course it would sound better with that added, that taken away. Incredible all that's happening. So many ideas, visions, imaginations taking leaps and bounds. Just a pleasure to be in the company. And who would have guessed they're authors. Incognito.

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winklewitch said...

what kind words, it makes me feel like I am really an author.