Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AA Cakes

Jamie 12 years and Kit 4 years. Thanks to soul food with George I was there for my friends' cakes. Whitecliff. A place I first knew from scuba diving. Now it's a kind of spiritual dive spot on the calendar. I go for Archie's hug. Fellowship. Laughter. Good cheer. And tonight seeing mothers and fathers with their little children telling us how much their love meant to them. Wanting to be there for their children among other reasons they put away the booze. The kids were gorgeous. All crayoning happily together. Meanwhile I communed with a cockapoo. Another friend brought Sadie just for me and her to meet. Bill was there talking boats and so many others. I forget names but not faces and we hold hands in circles but thankfully don't have to dance around the Maypole. Just pray. Prayer is good. Wilf's cake is next week. I feel so alone at times but never there and when I leave I wonder how I could ever feel alone with so many wonderful people celebrating life and cakes. Wow. Gratitude.

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