Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gigi's Pizza Spagetti House

There's this great Italian restaurant across from Mountain Coop on Broadway, Gigi's Pizza Spagetti House Probably everyone knows about it but me. It looked at little like a joint the Godfather guys would eat at. Great simple decor. Basic hard wood floor tasteful table and chair diner place. Bar at the back. I think they have this big business in pizza delivery at the back too. I passed it on the way to the really clean rest room.
We sat in the restaurant at the front by the big window. Terrific woman serving us. Sensitive. Friendly. Family. Daily specials and I had the Tuesday. Roast chicken, ribs and spagetti with salad and garlic toast. $15. I didn't ask for megasize but it came that way. Scrumptuous. Haven't enjoyed a restaurant meal so good in so long. Mother food. Maybe it was me. But my partner said the same. She was as impressed. Wholesome food. Just a good unpretentious welcome friendly feed. Great view of Mountain Coop too.

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