Friday, October 16, 2009

The Rains Have Come Again

The Rains have come.
Clouds have taken the light.
Surreal streets before my motorcycle wheels,
Splashing sounds of passing cars,
Umbrellas hastening sidewalk people,
I watch for fallen leaf banana peels.
On the news they say that southern United States
Is looking for rain.
I've found it! I've found it!
It's here in British Columbia,
Rain forest to the Canadian nation.
But ours is not theirs though we wonder
How long before they take it,
Invading with fixed prices or bayonets,
Pipelining to some Texan warlord.
Right now I concentrate on braking carefully,
Knowing cars and trucks with drivers
Who can't drive dry, pose greater threat wet.
I could be dead today.
What care I, a peon, for silly politics above my pay grade,
When in the present I can join the rain forest
In praise and celebration of a bountiful creator.
Hallelulah, Hallelulah,
The rains have come again.

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