Monday, October 5, 2009

Home Learned Rules

1. There's more to living in a home than just you.
2. Everyone has to do their part to make the whole that you take a part from.
3. Clean up any mess you make.
4. Leave tools and such the way you' d want to find them.
5. Flush the toilet after you use it. If it don't flush all away, flush again. Pee in the bowl. Poop in the hole. Use toilet paper to wipe your bum and wipe the other parts to if you dribble or miss.
6. Brush your teeth at least two or three or four times a day, after meals, and before you go to bed to sleep. It's good to floss.
7. Be quiet for a change, take a little time out of the day and be still, read something inspirational like the Bible and think how what you've read applies to you and those around you.
8. Wash your hands after you've been in any dirt, several times a day, more if you've a cold and certainly after you've used the toilet and before you prepare food and especially before you are going to shake hands with me or my kind. Shower or bathe daily or at least every week, and wash your hair. Use soap and shampoo whether you think you need it or not. Don't try to put deodorant over what smells bad already.
9. Get out of bed in the morning and go to bed at night unless you're working shift work. If you keep other hours than the sun or those around, respect their sleep since you're probably the one that is out of sync with the world if you're sleeping late in the day.
10. Keep the kitchen clean, wiping counters with detergent and doing dishes and helping out after family or group functions offering to help whenever because since you joined in the fun, you can join in the clean up. Vacuum or sweep and do your laundry at least once every week or two, so your clothes and your living area, be it a room or more, is clean. Cleanliness prevents disease and disease carrying bugs and rodents. You don't leave clothes on the floor so what's been on your feet or shoes don't end up on your clothes. Take out the garbage daily or weekly and don't leave any old food or foodstuffs lying around.
11. Keep a positive attitude. Being negative is easy. It's an effort for everyone, not just you, to be positive so make the effort. Nobody has a monopoly on suffering. Grow up and get over the attitude already.
12. Respect others time and be sensitive to those around you. I'm sorry if you don't have running water or detergent or a Bible or a family and hope that you'll have what you need one day and others won't waste what you want.


Randy said...

I suddenly feel very guilty.

haykind said...

You ought to!