Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbour is number 9 of the 10 commandments right up there with Thou Shalt Not Murder and Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. The most self righteous seem to conveniently forget this truth. Everyone can find redemption and we learn in the Bible that the murderer Moses could make amends as did the adulterer David. It's those that bear false witness though that are in the express lane for hell and may not even get to stop at purgatory.
Bearing false witness is ubiquitous in the post modern world of politics and law. Truth as objective and verifiable is lost to emotional reasoning, subjective bullying and opinion making. Social constructionism does the least construction but the most destruction following on the adolescent Marxist solution of promoting perpetual revolution.
The self righteous claim that AIDS is God's answer to homosexuality but it's far more likely if a vengeful God is kicking ass he'd be far more pissed by lies about weapons of mass destruction, oral sex not being sexual relations and the daily deceit in every court in the land.
While I've embraced the pluralism of modern society I am deeply concerned that loyalty to my group (tribalism and gangsterism) as being a higher value than truth, causes deceit to be acceptable across race, religious, gender and sexual orientation boundaries. This is the thinking of the Sociopath. Where once the highest things of society were considered angelic and lowest developments of society demonic, the bearing of false witness was the most demonic. Those who bear false witness against their neighbour are lower than pedophiles and somewhere down there at the bottom of human evolution along with the usurers. We should not have to share washrooms with them and hopefully soon the tatoo 666 that they have on their foreheads will appear as clearly as guns in the airport scanners.

In civilized countries the law says that those who bear false witness get the punishment that they would have seen given to their maligned neighbour. When did our courts choose to drag their knuckles and celebrate those bearing false witness. Purgery certainly doesn't get the sentence it once did when everyone knew that those who committed purgery couldn't be trusted as washroom attendants keep their jobs as CEO's and Cabinet ministers.

From where I'm standing, a vengeful God would send AIDS and Katrina and Tsunamis and economic crisis because of all the bearing of false witness that is going on in this land. If the courts and politics aren't soon reformed we'd be best to start building boats the dimensions that Noah used. I think today that's called the Space Shuttle and Space Station.

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