Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Lost Symbol Again I've read all of Dan Brown's books. The Lost Symbol is his latest and it's as good a romp as the Da Vinci Code truly was. Digital Fortress made me want to go to Cerne and now Lost Symbol has me wanting to return to Washington with a magnifiying glass and binoculars. Dan Brown is a modern day Michener with Tom Clancy's talent for thrillers thrown in. What's so much fun about reading him is all the learning that goes with it. Da Vinci Cole had a whole lot of arcane information about art and Lost Symbol tells us more about Washington DC than the government really would want you to know. Dan' Brown's Freemason gone wrong leaves bodies and body parts about the city Professor Langdon again must help the FBI find the answers not only to save the world from crisis but to save the life of his friend, the good and fine epitomy of freemasonry and the beautiful woman Noetic scientist. Rosicrucian lore, early Christianity, Kaballa, Gnosticism and the ancient mysteries are all interwoven into this fast paced race against time. Ben Franklin and Washington and Isaac Newton all have a part.
I finished it savouring every page and it was a twisting turning tsunami right to the end with a slap you up the side of the head never saw that coming finish of the Agathe Christie variety. Trouble is we now have to wait till Dan Brown writes his next book. That's the problem with writer's like Dan Brown's, William Gibson's, and Michael Creightons. They don't write enough. Too much good living and learning. The world has too few Shakespeare and Doysotovesky because writers are profligates and should be chained to desks with a reader holding a gun to their head their whole life. No doubt Brown is off learning something new and we've hardly digested his latest. How dare he!
For those who don't read the movie will be great too but it just won't have that literary punch that comes with reading the clues and having Wikipedia to check it out. Wow. I never knew that. Dan Brown's a genius and a great researcher. Mostly makes me want to study more. So much beneath the surface and yet it's all there in plain view. Thanks Dan. You gave me a whole lot of reading enjoyment once again.

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