Friday, October 23, 2009

The Disruptive Person

If you are not a team player,
And object to the killing of innoscent babies,
Or say that your corporation shouldn't pollute the water for profit,
Or god forbid, are a whistleblower ,
And point the finger successfully at those killing who should be healing
Or those taking kickbacks and are corrupt,
Then we have a new name for you:
Disruptive person, (pants on fire, poopoo butt, pissy face)
And soon we'll have a pill and
Justification for incarceration.
You disruptive person, you!
Bad boy. Naughty girl.
Not a team player!
Won't take a little money to be quiet like the rest of us,
Won't agree the ends justify the means.
Won't see it our way.Just don't get it.
Either you're with us or agin us.
Skeptical is next to cynical,
But what we need is your total agreement.
Are you willing to lie, cheat, maim, corrupt, kill, gas, and self immolate?
Are you loyal? Do you love God? Do you love your country and your corporation?
Do you love your parents? Do you love children?
Do you love fast food and nuclear weapons?
Do you love pollution and central authority and prisons for profit?
Do you love health care and cosmetic surgery for the rich and powerful?
Do you love slums and gated communities?
Or are you a disruptive person, poopoo butt, pissy face.
Well what are you? Pants on fire!

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