Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The standing ovation said it all. Emily Molnar's, World Premiere, Dedica, was contemporary ballet at it's finest. Rich in symbolism and flowing with powerful emotion the dancers performed sensationally individually and as a troop falling, twisting, turning, frollicking and leaping with sheer abandon. Arms, legs, heads and torsos reeled with grace and poise to the joyful strains of Vivaldi. What pleasure it was to see the Ballet BC dancers back after such a threat to the company. Makaila Wallace,Shannon Smith, Donald Sales, Alexis Fletcher, Shannon Ferguson, Leon Feizo-Gas, Maggie Forgeron, Racheal Prince, Marianne Bauer-Grobbelaar, Delphine Leroux, Gilbert Small, Peter Smida, and Connor Gnam with apprentices, Alyson Fretz and Alex Parrett. These are truly great names of dance.
In addiction, dancers from the National Ballet of Canada, artistic director, Karen Kain, performed classical works like the delightful Pas de Deux from Sleeping Beauty. Guillaume Cote danced as powerfully as Tchaikovsky's music while Heather Ogden created beauty with the delicacy of her every move. The Pas de Deux from Lady of the Camellias to Chopin was danced most touchingly by Sonia Rodriguez and Piotr Stanczyk. Their opening piece was the George Balanchine Apollo in which Three Muses, Calliope of Poetry danced by Jillian Vanstone, Polyhymnia of Mime, danced by Stacey Shiori Minagawa and Terpsichore of Dance and Song, instruct the young God, Apollo danced by Guillaume Cote.
The first intermission followed this number and the vestibule was buzzing with appreciation.
Dr. Leslie of the Board had proudly shouted ,"Ballet BC is Back!" to cheers before introducing Jay Rankin from Toronto Dance Theatre as the new Executive Director and Emily Molnar as the new interim artistic director. Jay and Emily expressed their heartfelt thanks to all the Ballet BC supporters.
The atmosphere was one of almost family festivity as friends celebrated together this grand community event. For whatever reason the ladys had collectively come out in the finest display of beautiful shoes possibly to be seen in Vancouver. Compared to opera and theatre the ballet audiences are above and beyond the most tastefully and interestingly dressed. Intermission people watching was at a premium as everyone somehow knew this was one of those rare nights that would be long remembered.
Ballet BC the National Ballet with the works of Karen Kain and Emily Molnar and dancers of the finest orders, We were truly priviledged to be present. It portends so well for the rest of the season. Ballet BC certainly is ignited!

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