Friday, September 18, 2009

The Alano Club

1525 West 7th Avenue,
Vancouver B.C. Canada, V6J 1S1
Telephone: 604.736.5110
Fax or Message: 604.736.5109

The Alano Club is a separate non profit organization from AA and other Recovery Organizations. It's objective is however to help the members of Alcoholics Anonymous and others who have a desire not to drink as a resource. It is a place where AA meetings and Al Anon meetings are regularly held and where information and personnel who can assist those wishing to become sober and remain sober can be readily accessed. The daily 10 am AA meeting is particularly popular whereas the week day 2 pm daily meeting is also popular with those earlier in recovery who still consider the afternoon the morning.
The Vancouver Alano Club has existed since 1950. Many, especially single men, when drinking had their whole social life tied up in the bar and when they stopped drinking had no where to socialize. The original Alano Clubs therefore offered a non drinking environment that in some ways mimicked the original bar or club atmosphere. Shuffleboards, billiards, and darts were played there. Coffee, tea and sandwiches were available. Today the Vancouver Alano Club is a handsome club with a beautiful view of the city, large glassed meeting area, large balcony where smoking not surprisingly occurs, and a library area with computer desks, leather couches and wide screen tv. No longer reminiscent of the 1950 bar or club today's atmosphere retains some of the private English club atmosphere but has taken on more of a uptown lounge coupled with comfortable home rec room flavour. The Vancouver Alano Club has over the years had many other events including the Coffeehouse, Open Mike, and Blues Night. Given the number of famous musicians and entertainers in recovery it was not uncommon that the finest shows in town were anonymously performed at the Alano Club. Vancouver Alano Club is welcoming and warm in every sense of the word. Another Alano Club can be found on the North Shore. It's been around since 1973 and hosts many large AA speaker meetings as well as smaller discussion AA meetings. It often hosts dances and a variety of club events. Another Alano Club that serves light meals and has a distinctive west coast flavour of it's own is the Victoria Alano Club. It's main room is cafeteria drop in style whereas it has several large rooms where cozy meetings of AA take place. The Alano Club of Victoria1402 Broad Street Victoria BC V8W2B1

Phone 383-9151 Office 383-7803

Alano Clubs can be found around North America and serve as a place for travelling AA's to visit or find a daily meeting. The VANCOUVER RECOVERY CLUB is not an Alano Club per se.The Alano Clubs developed out of the Alcoholics Anonymous tradition however when the Recovery Club was conceived it was considered that there was a local need for a broader based club that served as addicts as much as alcoholics. Increasingly the two diseases are overlapping and individuals of all backgrounds are generally welcomed in the clubs. The Recovery Club however has as many NA , Narcotics Anonymous Meetings, as well as AA meetings. It also has a cafe style area for drop in with wide screen tv and a recovered monitor for assistance always present. In addition there are washrooms and meetings. One large meeting area commonly sports Friday or Saturday night dances. The Recovery Club has a very popular hard core 11 pm meeting for those who really want to end their day on a strong sober note.

These are all tremendous resources for those in recovery and the men and women who organize and support and maintain these clubs are truly remarkable.

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