Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spirituality Talk

The spirituality talk went well. No lightening bolt struck me down. God obviously didn't take that much notice. Though I mentioned God's name in the hallowed halls of higher education I was not called to the principal's office for the strap. I avoided saying the "Lord's Prayer", knowing that was still controversial but did share one of the shortest prayers, "Thank you". An attitude of gratitude banishes all fear. The organizers were pleased and the students didn't leave en mass. The power point slide projections were very helpful reminding me what it was I and myself had agreed to say before I was before an audience. When I became anecdotal or circumstantial or even tangential I could just press the button and see a surprisingly new slide that had high relevance to the preceding one even if neither had much to do with what I'd been rambling on about. I did enjoy again my slide of the aetheist evangelists going door to door with blank pamphlets while the yogi contemplated whether the infinity he'd found was the right one or the really 'cool' one. I did have all the evidence based studies proving that partaking in faith communities and prayer and meditation were antidotal to fear and depression and even psychosis. One study showed that spiritual practices were as good as sex but didn't go into any more detail and lacked coloured photos. When it was over I was exhausted and escaped on my motorcycle back to the office where patients were waiting to discuss their nightmares. Having shared a bit of heaven I was ready again to get back to the real work of rescuing people from their personal hell. Thank you.

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Eleanor said...

Glad you're sharing your knowledge and truth further. Thank you.

I believe that love, the higher kind that is 'mere loving', is the antidote for fear. Gratitude just seems to fall out of that kind of love. Then there's that 'felt' safety bit. Which came first, the security fostered by an enabling love fostering safety or safety crumbling the grip of fear? But then heck, what do I know except by my own experiential bits.