Monday, September 14, 2009

Carter Hondasport

I finally got my new CRF 230 L. I'd been stopping by at Carter Hondsport for almost 2 years looking at bikes and talking to Troy about what would suit my needs best. I've a big harley I enjoy for cruising. The trouble is that Harley doesn't make anything in the enduro class accept the overpowered Ullyses. You don't need 1200 cc on logging roads and truthfully the bigger the bike in this city the more trouble you're inviting. I've discussed every new Honda with Troy these last 2 years. I love the Harley Buell class for sporty but Honda's makes a lot of sporty bikes and they're far more economical. The trouble with Buell is nothing is off road. If there'd been a Buell Enduro maybe. But their smallest bike is the Blast at 600 cc. If you're going to have 2 bikes you want a 1200 plus like Harley or the Honda Goldwings. They're famous for all the accessories and their reverse. Honda Silver Wing is the standby 650 scooter for town and country. But neither is good for offroad. That's where Honda leads the pack. Everyone and every write up talks about the off road Honda. This summer I met guys expeditioning accross trails on old Honda's and Hondas still sell 20 years later so they're made to last despite getting their ass kicked. That's the durability and reliability of Honda. I looked at Yamaha and Suzuki and had to admit that they had their attractions. At the trade show I almost bought a Yamaha enduro and went by to two or three shops to look at the bikes. But that's where Honda sales and service comes in. Troy has been patient. Nobody gave me the time of day at Suzuki. Too busy for the old guy browsing. Yamaha asked if I planned to buy right away and lost interest when I said I wasn't sure. Further when I wanted to test drive one there wasn't alot of support. Ironically, my friend has a yamaha and there's a good chance I would have bought one if I'd have test driven one. But there were younger more attractive people there and I don't think the guy could tell I had the money in my pocket. I'd come back to look at just that Yamaha enduro three times too and that seemed to irritate him somewhat. Troy on the other hand always encouraged me to look. Andy the salesmanager was a lot of help too. I'd bought other scooters there and there was always a deal. My friends who bought Shadows said the same. It's the same customer service I get at Trev Deely. Friendly, helpful, appreciative of your business. I confess I'd have liked a Harley 250 enduro class but truthfully I'd never have paid the 2 to 3 x the name might cost me when I'd just as soon have a cruiser which is what Harley does so well. I'm one of those "loyal" shoppers. I like to return to a place where people remember me from the previous times. I like that I'm a "customer' at Honda. Harley capitalized on their "family" of customers, HOGS (Harley Owner's Group) members like me. But that's the same thing that Honda has going and I don't see anyone else having that concern. Besides I've really enjoyed all my Honda products, generators, outboards and the Corolla I had was a great car. Honda is a good name and makes good products. Reliable, reasonable priced, good warranties that people stand by. The warranty is a thing. Too often today it's this 'sales feature' but when you bring something back there's this major hassle almost as if there wasn't a 'warranty' in the first place. Yet at Honday warranty means warranty and they've stood by their products over the years and still do. I love the Honda service department as much as I love Harley's but confess I've never puked when I've got a Honda service. Harley mechanics are ex plumbers.
Now I've got this Honda CRF 230 and I love it. Any bigger would be unnecessary. It goes on all the city roads and the highway. It's got all the power I need for the city and hardly uses any gas. It's fuel efficient and stops on a dime. It's high maneuverable. And whereas drivers try to kill me when I drive a bigger motorcycle this enduro is rather liked by drivers who treat me as a kind of 'scooter' . I think the engine sounds which save our lives on the highways bring out the road rage in the city. This bike is quiet and that's what I like because I take it hunting on the logging roads and trails where it really performs. Also with a ramp I can load it on and off my truck myself. It's sits perfectly in the back of my Ford Ranger with the tail gate up. And I've had it there doing extreme 4x4 ing without it shifting at all. I feel safe with it there and any bigger bike I'd have to had the tail gate down. The weight is the lowest in this class so it's something I can pick up in the woods by myself. Offroad it just climbs and jumps and is so smooth. Downhill that first gear gives me control and the brakes make extreme off road safe.
Now I've discussed all this with Troy. And in the end I got this bike cheap and it's serving me perfectly. Just as the Harley served me. Now if only I didn't work I could live on my motorcycle. "Don't want a pickle, just want to ride on my motorcycle."

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