Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stop Section 13

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is itself one of those shady beaurocratic devices that overall has been a 'make work' project for lawyers and sadly whenever lawyers enter the equation the OJ trial essentially taught us that money talks. Repeatedly we hear a beaurocratic body taking an individual to task. The beaurocratic body is in existence to find fault. It's like censors. Their role expands to fill whatever vacuum. They'd be all over Walt Disney if they hadn't had easy pickings with Hustler. Now we have this body that censors writers and magazines based on the idea that something said is "likely to expose a person or persons to hatred." Little Sisters Bookstore has fought a long standing battle against the downright evil of those who would control information. This is just a variation on a very old theme. Any limitation on the power of the state to interfere with the freedom of citizens should be considered seriously. Individually few of us can afford the courts and when the state goes to battle it has at its command all the government's resources.

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