Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soldiers in the Mist

Written by Gary Douglas this is the third novel in the Fancy Jack Crossman series. Published in 1999 it is historical fiction along the Sharpe Series lines, with Fancy Jack a British Empire Sgte being sent behind Russian lines on 'foxhunts'. Set in the Crimean War it depicts the events surrounding the great battle for the Inkerman Heights. Nov. 5, 1854 with Lord Raglan the commander of the English and Canrobert, the commander of the French fighting Prince Menshikov, commander of the Russian troops. Nearly a thousand French and English were killed whereas 10,000 Russians were killed and wounded that day. As many wounded died in hospitals as in the field till Florence Nightingale arrived to bring cleanliness and order to the care of wounded. The book was a very good read with a lot of history surrounding this interesting character, a very different sort of prototypical war 007.

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