Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spud Valley Sporting Goods Ltd.

This is a great hunting, fishing, camping, outdoors store. It's right in down town Pemberton beside the gas station just after the turn to the Hotel on the hotel side of town. There's the main grocers with the best potatoes across the road. From the door you can see the Scotia bank too. Brad and Sheridan are the sons of the owners. They know everything about everything about Pemberton hunting and fishing. I'm surprised they spend any time in the store. They're only there because their friends work so they have no one to play with in the mountains until the friends are let out of work. In the meantime they mess with their favourite stuff. Great out door stuff. Fishing rods, fly rods, reels, rifles. The best in clothing, the good stuff.
They had a particularly nice Mossberg 30-30 lever action but some guy came in and told them that his dad used to have a lever action rifle. It's a cowboy rifle. Good to 100 yards, the kind of gun you carry on a horse or motorcycle. The guys don't have that Mossberg anymore but they have every other type of rifle you could want. Their scopes start at $100 and go to $1000. They're that kind of store, good stuff and the highest quality stuff.
They were headed out goose hunting tonight. That's why Brad claims to have his big beard, so the geese don't look down and see a white face. The guys were all practicing their goose calls in the store. You could just tell that when they were a whole lot younger they compared farts too. Next week they'll be hunting 4 point deer. All summer they've been fishing. Oh yea, they're sometime in the store. Talking about the best boots and best gear and best places to go. They love Spud Valley. They love the outdoors. Too bad their friends have to work and their friends wives want to see them sometimes.

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pemberton fish finder said...

Thanks Bill, I am very glad and proud that you like our service. The boys here at the store definitely have a passion for the outdoors and it shows.