Friday, September 11, 2009


Usury is described as exorbitant or excessive interest on loans. Charging interest in Ezekial is considered one of the worst sins. There is a group in New Hampshire who are banding together to demand that credit cards limit rates to 10%. Also there are those who are seriously objecting to some of the rates that banks charge.
Jesus threw the money lenders out of the church physically.
Given this,it strikes me that usury is more sinful than homosexuality and that we should not have to share our public washrooms with usurs. Ideally the faces of usurs would be posted on trees so that we could call the police if we saw them cruising our neighbourhood. Finally Lists of Usurs (LOU's) really do need to be developped and distributed to protect children from association with Usurs.


Conrad said...
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King of the Paupers said...

"Usury is described as exorbitant or excessive interest on loans. Charging interest in Ezekiel is considered one of the worst sins."

Jct: Charging excessive interest or usury is the worst sin! Ezekiel saw the difference between excessive interest and usury:

Ezekiel 3:18 adds responsibility,
God states his laws for life with his expected certainty:
"And when I tell the wicked man that "You will surely die,"
You will be held accountable if you don't warn the guy.
But if you tell him and he doesn't change his wicked way,
You will have saved yourself and he will be the one to pay."
In 18:5: "Suppose a man takes not much interest,
He takes no usury. He'll live! His actions I have blessed.
Suppose he has a son who takes excessive interest,
And lends at usury. He'll die! His actions I detest.
But if this son too has a son who doesn't do the same,
He does not take the pledge for loans, his greed he overcame.
He takes no usury nor interest that is too high,
He will not die for his father's sin, the soul that sins will die.
But if a wicked man turns from the sins he did commit,
He gives back what he took in pledge. His sins I will acquit.
Forgotten will be his offences when I come to judge,
Because of good things he does now, I will not hold a grudge.
But if a righteous man turns from my law to evil way,
None of his righteous deeds will count. He'll die! I do inveigh.
So cleanse yourselves of all your sins and cease to be such fools,
I take no pleasure in the death of men who break my rules."
Ezekiel declared that usury and interest,
Could have a different effect, there was a simple test.
If interest demanded is of something that can breed,
Such interest is payable and not sin I concede.
So if you lend a hundred head and ask to get two more,
That might not be excessive lending that He would abhor.
But if you gain all of the calves and he still owes you some,
That would be judged excessive, that is more than maximum.
And if the interest is on some silver or some gold,
It's usury because there are no babies to behold!
It's interest if principal can breed to multiply,
It's usury if principal cannot so classify. is a video of my rhyming exegesis from