Friday, September 4, 2009

My Honda CRF 230 L

It sure isn't the 1200 cc Harley but it sure isn't a Honda 50 cc Scooter either. It is quiet and perky and rides well in the city and climbs well on the dirt paths. I loved having the power to hit 80 cc without difficulty on the up hill of the bridge. It's got all the power I need and I'm really looking forward to having it in the country. Now to see if I can get it on the truck. Bow hunting season opened this week. Any bigger engine and the noise would have been a deterrent. Heavier it would definitely be harder to load in a truck or pick up in the woods if I'm alone and dropped it. Without getting a hernia it takes two to lift the Harley. The CRF 230 is a fun ride and a durable bike. I've a storage box coming.
Troy at Carter Motorsports was great. Jill in parts was terrific too. I'd lost a glove en route and she gave me a single one free. I'm a happy guy who now has to put his Harley in storage for the winter while using this bike for town and country. The insurance will be a whole lot less. When it rains, as it sometimes does in Vancouver. it will be a safer bike to be riding to and from work especially when I have to cross bridges to get to meetings.

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bobbi said...

congrats on the new iron Man!
Be careful, those bikes can be hard to see moving as fast as they do, God isn't ready for You to come callin yet!
Cheers, Bobbi