Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wild Ginger Restaurant

Second floor Tinseltown. International Village near China Town. Wild Ginger Restaurant http://www.dineouthere.com/restaurants/wild-ginger-restaurant-tinseltownis right behind all the food vendors in the food court, across from the elevators going up to Cinemark 12 Kirk and Laura were already there. Weng S. Wong is the manager. I'd hardly ordered the Szechwan fish noodle bowl when it arrived steaming hot. Kirk was showing us the trillion features on his IPhone. I was lamenting about the failure of Palm and Treo in comparison. He even played a whistle tune with a music program and quickly emailed photos of the moment. I was envious. He was having the Atlantic Tuna I'd had the week before. My Sczechwan was hot and spicy with succulent prawns and scallops and fish as little surprise morsels hiding in the noodles and veggies. Laura was waxing in the magic of meeting Leslie Neilsen, "the funniest guy on earth". He'd been filming a movie at the Arthritis Centre where she worked. We were lucky she'd made the dinner given all the swooning she'd done just seeing him. She had tofu mushroom brocolli and "it was delicious." Revived her after her encounter with heart throb. Kirk showed us how his Iphone screen could be like different types of weather. "The Americans who've never seen fog appreciate the visuals." Later he said he wanted to ask for more of the jasmine tea we so enjoyed so he could take it home in a doggie bag. The meal was superb and all served and all fed in less than an hour. Just in time to head up for the movie Time Traveller's Wife.

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