Sunday, August 9, 2009

Christ Church Cathedral

It would have been so easy to lie about on this Sunday. I'm of an age where if you ask me what I want to do in the warmth and security of my home, my Gut says, stay here. It's often like moving through molasses to get out and face the world. Laura was already dressed and putting on her make up so I couldn't beg off. On Friday, I got out of dancing by moaning and whining before she'd started getting ready to go out, though.

On the motorcycle, in the rain, we drove to church. Surprisingly we weren't that late. We arrived before Marisa Balistreri, the soloist, with Rupert Lang, the organist, sang Franz Shubert's Ava Maria. Balistreri, a rather young attractive woman has a voice much her senior and it filled the glorious space that is Christ Church Cathedral. How could I have wanted to stay home and skip mass when doing so I would have missed this hauntingly beautiful experience. After that she sang Alessandro Stradello and Puccini solo's reminding us all that God is Beauty and music can reach beyond the limits of earth.

Archdeacon Ellen Clark-King with inimical gift spoke from the heart with great erudition about what Jesus meant to her, personally and theologically. It was as moving as the music.

Mass continued on with the marvellous distraction of children's voices of fascination and frustration. One near us, aged about three, had to, during a break, quite carefully list all the interesting things she'd seen that morning. Another was quite confused about whether she wanted her mother in the church or out of the church. The mother's were blessed. Some old people, with bent backs and knees, walked slowly forward for eucharist. I admired them their grooming and grace and willingness to leave the much greater security of their homes.

Leaving, it was good to see Peter, the Dean. He greets each parishioner warmly with friendly relevant chat, and when my turn came he was glad to see me as well. Next there was Alistair , our deacon, ever ready to shake a hand and equally glad to see me. And I appreciate the community.

Laura and I walked down to the basement for coffee and fellowship before going out into the world. Now we've ridden the Harley home. I am now appreciating it's warmth and security far more than I would have if I'd not gone out. Thanks to the service of Christ Church Cathedral I've a little glow within as well

Ellen said, that one of the meanings of Jesus was 'god within'.

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