Saturday, August 15, 2009


I imagine myself a child
And a loving God as a parent
And all the creatures of the world sacred and animate.
I imagine the tomato I'm eating as alive and happy being eaten
Saying, "Thanks Bill, being eatten is just fine".
I imagine all the creation a great and wonderful theater
In which nothing is real and the walls are parents and the trees parents
And the insects way much smarter than me, discussing dimensional space
And doing buzz poetry stand up for each other.
All the animals are enlightened masters and mistresses
Returned to watch over and guide the development of the children\
Humans like me and George Bush and Obama and Harper.
None of it is any more real than a video game
But we're supposed to not hurt each other, make a mess or waste
Or interfere with each other.
The idea is to learn to get along and play well in the sandbox
With the sand saying "Good for you George, you're sharing today".
"That's right Bill, Obama is God's creature too, just like a turtle."
"There's Harper and he's okay and the boys are just playing with cruise missiles
And they shouldn't be but "boys will be boys". You should be making a space ship
Rather than writing poetry or helping that old lady cross the free way.
Now the molecules of the window are talking to me when I throw the stone
And break them apart, "We don't need to be free but it's all okay."
Everyone knows we're children but us. We're being watched by stars
And galaxies and unseen aliens who don't want to have happen to them
What we do to any thing that we don't understand (Kill).
The sand is a collection of nano genius who are just one of the many audiences
That collect daily to be amused at our opinions and childish attempts
To justify all the wrong things, all the things our mothers told us not to do
When we were like nations learning toilet training still
We're the smallest most unenlightened beings on the planet
And that's really humility.

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