Friday, August 7, 2009


"Jean-Claude Von Damme is a real gentleman," she told me. She was my gorgeous, drop dead beautiful friend who caused unconscious drooling in most males over 11 years old. "Most guys hit on me, but he didn't. I would have liked it if he had. He's a real hunk but he didn't. He was just a real nice guy. My girlfriend and I had coffee with him and most guys try to get both of us at once. She's something else. Incredible, but he was just interested in us. Asked us about our families. Like we were people. And he's not gay. He knew I liked him but he was just a gentleman and a nice guy."

I liked Jean-Claude Van Damme movies even more after that. My friend has great taste in character and it's true what she says about herself and her friend. Just fact, "nothing but the facts." She likes me because I'm a gentleman. We're brother and sisterly. She likes that. I probably wished she'd thought I was hot. But I'm not Jean-Claude. She's slept with a few of the more famous action stars too. Since her divorce to a shaker and maker, she's occasional done occasional movie extra work.

JCVD is Jean-Claude at his best. It shows he's not just a karate star but a really great actor too. Alot of that goes to Mabrouk el Mechi, the director who makes this a really fine cinematography action film in the best of European tradition. Francois Damiens stars at Bruges the Commissioner who has to deal with this hostage situation. Tax problems and custody battle, the out of luck star plays himself in a bank heist gone wrong. Drama, humor, pathos and reality, it's a thoroughly rivetting movie which is moved by plot and character rather than punch and kick. JCVD is drama and Jean-Claude is a fine actor.

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