Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Traveller's Wife

Kirk picked it. I wanted to see the movie, Dirty Bastards with gun fights and killing and such but Kirk said this was supposed to be an awesome movie. It really was but they tell me 50 dead men is coming out on the weekend so I'll get the killing and maiming I always trust Hollywood to deliver soon. The movie made me cry. Laura had read the book and was enchanted that Kirk picked this one. Ladies man. It's more than a chick flick but not quite a sci fi. No aliens or droids but extraordinarily intriguing tale like the Benjamin Buttons story. The acting and relationships intensely moving. I cried. Laura cried. But then Rachel McAdams playing Henry's wife Claire looked so like her daughter at times. "You see that too," she said when I leaned over and mentioned it. "You mean the clone." Henry (Eric Bana) with epileptic time travelling experiences unwanted and uncontrolled kept turning up in the oddest places and re enterring Claire's life in a truly wonderful love story. Audrey Niffenegger wrote the book, Time Traveller's Wife in 2003. "The book is deeper but the director (Robert Schwenke) did an amazing job of adapting it." said Laura. The children were the most amazing actors.

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