Friday, August 14, 2009

CHE: Guerilla

Part II of Che is as good as Part I. It picks up after Cuba and after the Congo. Che has gone to Bolivia. We heard of the plight of the miners in the tale of his Motorcycle Diaries. That was when Che as a 4th year medical student took a trip with his biochemist friend through unpaved South America on a 500 cc Norton. 50% of miners died before age 30. When they went on strike they were shot down. Che attempted a revolution, the original Bolivian revolution and land reforms having been taken over by a military coup. The Americans assisted the Bolivian Army. The peasants didn't like any foreigners. Che, the doctor provided medical care to them and to his revolutionaries. In the end he bandaged his own wound. And then the wounds that were made remained open to this day.

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