Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Treo Smartphone is just plain DUMB!

I had a Palm and filled it with medical textbooks and aids. I paid hundreds of dollars for these electronic accessories. The promise was that if I remained in the Palm family I'd be able to access these gems of research and power. I had the first Treo smartphone and was pleased. Everything switched from Palm to the Treo and the companies that made medical products upgraded them to serve the first generation Treo. The battery on that phone died as the RAM became too small to meet the needs of Epocrates, the medical pharmacological updating software. The next generation of Treo seemed the answer.
It wasn't. None of the software I'd previously paid for would work on the next generation of Treo. I lost some thousand dollars of medical text books unless I wanted to carry around a palm and my new Treo. I lost the labs and diagnosis books because overnight they would not serve this generation of Treo. Some of the purchase were less than 2 years and their usefulness would be 5 years normally. The latest edition of Harrison went up in cyberspace.
I then bought Money and found it didn't work at all in the Treo despite the promise of Windows Mobile that I, being savy with computers and such, had indeed correctly downloaded the proper versions. All the SPB products don't seem to work. Hundreds of dollars on shells and such out the window because there's no support for any of the Treo or Palm products except that tedious email automatic sessions and a message that for hundreds of dollars I can buy a support for a product sold at $39 that doesn't work from the start and there is simply no way to return it.
Time is money and the Treo is now the costliest stupid phone in the industry.
Routinely I open my treo and it flips through a half dozen pages before I can access the phone or camera or word. Windows Media is often frozen on my computer. I do soft restarts and plug it into my computer and try to sort out the endless number of glyches.
Treo is a child's toy from hell.
It doesn't work with my Vista and it doesn't work with XP.
Meanwhile all my friends rave about the IPHONES and Blackberries. I see their happy faces and note they're computer illiterate and ask them about crashes and applications functions and cameras and all manner of usefulness of a smart phone and there phones are. My Treo needs an IQ test, a new interface and support in the industry.
It is demon possessed and the company should be ashamed to produce such a spurious product. I have wasted enough valuable time and money. I am leaving this Palm and Treo world. I was a loyal customer for over a decade and can not ever recommend anyone involve themselves with this company. The Treo Smartphone is just plain DUMB!

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