Monday, August 17, 2009

Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean
Driving home from White Rock in the Ford Ranger Truck, had the pleasure of listening to CBC's Vinyl Cafe. It had been a while since I'd heard Stuart McLean and he was even more funny than I remembered. The show focused on Winnipeg, where I grew up, with the Winnipeg band Weakerthans singing their "I hate Winnipeg" 'anti-anthem'. Stuart got the Canada's Stephen Leacock Award for Comedy. Canadians are pleased that our country is known for that whereas other countries have Nobel's and other such taudry awards. I read Stuart's book, Vinyl Cafe once on a plane flying over America and sensitized to so much I take for granted in my own heritage I could sense entering Canada's loftier air space. A lot less hot air. Our cool patient minds come from ice fishing. With skates we're smoother and glide through life. We actually have wilderness untouched by commercials. Stuart, better than anyone, reminds us of what is best about Canada and being Canadian.

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