Saturday, August 1, 2009

Harley-Davidson 2009 Electro Glide Ultra Classic

Cowboys Alamo City Motorcycles have a main building with bikes on the 168 exit of Hwy 35. They also have a downtown San Antonnio shop by the River Walk which sells their accessories. I phoned Greg earlier in the week and reserved a bike. It's only $125 to rent a harley for the day. The problem is that you have to put down a $2000 security deposit as well as being responsible for the first $2000 in the event of theft or major damage. That said the bikes which are being rented out are $25,000 machines. Greg gave me a 2009 Harley-Davidson Electro Glide Ultra Classic. I own 1200 Roadster but hope one day to get a touring bike. Renting is the best way to really test drive a bike. I'm down to wanting either the Electro glide or Road Glide because I've been told the Road Glide has more stability on the road because of the different way the ferring is mounted. Right now I'm thorougly in love with this Electro glide.

A hundred miles on the Roadster and I'm tired. I put 350 miles in on this touring bike and could have kept going for that and then some. I was a little wobbly getting out of the parking lot with everyone watching me but once on the road it was a different story. There's shake at low throttle but it smooths out immediately. And at high speed 'glide' is the right word. There was so much power I was going with the traffic at 80 mph before I realized I was over the 7o mph. It just seemed to want to ride north of 80 like my 1200 likes to ride around 60. There's that much more power. I had to consciously keep the throttle down but passing I was a rocket and once getting out of danger I think the guy who didn't see me as he was pulling over thought I materialized in front of him.

I got lost coming out of San Antonnio and rode some 40 miles west before realizing I'd miss the turn from 35 to 37 which would take me to Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi is about 130 miles south. I put an extra 80 or so on the bike in addition to the Corpus Christi miles because I had took off on country roads enjoying the arrid Texas scenery and my revolutionary modern horse. It certainly is cowboy country. Would take a Louis Lamour to do justice to describing the land with it's scraggy vegetation. The temperature was 106 degrees. I was glad for my porous HD jacket with the shoulder and elbow armour that fits into pockets in the shell. Most of the other riders I saw were in t shirts and I couldn't blame them. Few wore helmuts. So I gather there's no law in Texas for that. I was thankful that Gred gave me a full helmut with visor. Naturally a fat bug splatted dead centre just outside San Antonnio necessitating a pull over to clean my view.

I rode down to Corpus Christi crossing the bridges to Padre Island. Unfortunately because of getting lost I had no time for the planned lunch, only a bit of time to walk the beach before heading back to check out the Corpus Christi Harley Davidson for the essential HD T shirt. Been there, got the T shirt. I love the Harley T Shirts which I pick up from the places I go. Part of the fun of Harley is just that. My friend Laura is glad to have me bring her gifts from Harley too. Easy shopping with the girls in Harley glad to help.

I also saw a Pelican and saw the Gulf of Mexico. That's exciting, coming from Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean.

It was a hurry to get the bike back to Greg. The stereo was great and the way the switches were set up was not at all distracting. I loved the guage for fuel too. Not the guess work I have on the Roadster.
What a rush to ride a thoroughly amazing machine. I am so impressed. Wondered how I could get by trading in my truck and Roadster to get that Harley. Maybe I don't need the truck.
At the doctor meeting I'm attending everyone asked about the ride and I gave them a glowing account.

Nothing like a Harley to give a man motive for work.

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bobbi said...

Great story.
Electro Glide rules.
Lucky !