Saturday, August 15, 2009

25th Annual White Rock AA Round Up

Robbie from New Jersey was the speaker at White Rock. "We're an organization that recruits members from prisons and mental hospitals," he said. "I'm thankful that men like the man here who has 56 years of sobriety and the man with 51 and the woman with 50 years are here. When I came into AA it was old timers who were there to take me in. Without them I'd probably continued to live on the street doing crime to feed my addiction. Thanks to them I've been sober since family who never wanted to see me again accepted me back when I was 6 years sober welcoming me with open I've a job and family and laugh more than I ever believed."

Tina the chairperson for the organization committee was a thorough delight poking fun at her husband. She interoduced one of the founders and we all heard with laughter how the early committee members, often with little sobriety and some relapses, had funny difficulities getting together a major event with thousands of participants. They had the fire department and RCMP there. The RCMP came to ask them if they had a liquor license because when they asked one of the members outside who they were he said, "We can't tell you."

After the speaker the band began to play and everyone was dancing.

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