Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Canada Line

We were just complaining last night that the government was spending a fortune on a "jock party" in Whistler. I like to put things in the perspective of high school to understand the adolescent workings of the world. I think I knew things best when I was a teen ager. Politics just got weirder. So we put our money in the pot and instead of it going to health care, education, science or the arts or addressing poverty or even crime the student council decided to spend it all on a party.
"I liked Expo because I could go to that but the tickets for this are sold out and it's not even in Vancouver. And they're closing the city streets down for two weeks". My friend said.

"The Sea to Sky Highway got done and that's a real improvement for everyone," I said. "And now the Canada Line http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_Linehas opened and that's another big benefit."
"Olympic Village is supposed to be something else too." she said.
"I think it's amazing that we'll be able to get to and from the airport in less than a half hour on the Canada Line. I heard today that everyone was riding on it just for the joy of the journey."
"Your nephew is coming and that's like having party. It's causing you to clean the apartment. " she said.
"Yea, this 'party's at least having the effect that some things that everyone wanted in Vancouver and needed are finally getting done. I can't wait to ride on the Canada Line. All of Vancouver's international guests are going to appreciate the quick connection to Vancouver. Just like Heathrow or Shiphol. "
"The Canada Line is certainly a bright side of thing." she said.
"Sick, uneducated, scientifically ignorant, uncultured and impoverished we'll at least be able to ride out to airport to beg."
"I don't think it's going to get to that." she said
"Still I like the image. Maybe the homeless can get free passes and just ride the trains after the party is over."

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