Saturday, August 8, 2009

Honda CRF 230 L

This is a pretty thing. It's street legal but it also can go off road into the woods. It's only 267 lbs so it's possible to get it on the back of the truck with a ramp. It can be lifted over obstacles. 250 cc is sufficient power for 2 people to ride to LA and back. A couple did this. They use the 250 Honda Rebel as the classic motorcycle training bike. The CRF 250 L is great in the city and yet you can take it on the freeway. It's cheap to insure and frugal on gas. It's also peppy. A box mounts on the back easy grocery shopping. The bigger bikes are great for cross country cruising. This, though, would be great for the city and for weekend off road riding. It really is a pretty thing.

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