Tuesday, August 25, 2009


He reported the killings.
He kept facts and files.
He named the names,
And dotted the i's and crossed the t's.
He wanted the killing to stop.
He was scrupulous in his concern
Unbelieving in the callous cold killing,
He witnessed along with so many others.
Such killing is always public.
But only he and maybe others reported it,
To the proper agencies,
Who turned out to be there solely to ensure
That such information never saw the light of day.
First files were lost, delays upon delays, but mostly
He became the 'trouble maker' , "the difficult disruptive one"
Indeed the 'enemy', for persisting
And not changing the story and ignoring the dead.

Finally he was blacklisted even as the killers were let go.
Beaurocratically, they were dealt with,
Transferred or even promoted
Away from their crimes.
But there never was any prosecution,
Just cover up and more cover up
And he was hated for the necessity of the cover up

Why had he not lied and denied and remained 'mum',
As the rest of them had done.

At first it was subtle and then none too subtle.
The very people who had kept 'mum'
So more killing was assured, were rewarded.
Whereas he was made to pay in every way
For his care and concern for truth, life, love and liberty.
There was no money in the truth.
Killing was more rewarded.
There was no love in all the 'unnecessary death'.
Just profit. The greater good.
And there are no liberties,
Just those that are taken.

He was labelled a 'non team player'.
He reported the killing and the cover up
And the cover up of the cover up of the cover up.
But there was no 'whistle blower protection'.
Whistleblowers were only encouraged to come forward
To be identified.

Stand up and make yourself a target, flakey!

The reformer was the enemy of anyone
Who benefitted from the status quo.
The status quo was lethal, profitable
And unforgiving.

You cracked a few eggs to make an omelette.
What are a few or many deaths when the
Ends justified the means.
There were always profits to consider before life.

Don't talk to him about sacrifice.
If you don't have the stigmata of wounds,
You never were close enough to the truth
To have been a threat.

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