Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thai Wedding

Aim is marrying Marc today. There's a part in the ceremony where Marc has to break through Aim's family members to propose. It's like those old Greek stories and golden apples. The groom must proove himself worthy and committed. Obviously Marc is head over heels in love. Aim adores him and the families are delighted to get rid of their adult children.
I just thought it might spice things up a bit if I showed Aim's picture around the Bruce Lee Fighting Academy. It's a tropical dress affair without tuxedos. I hope Marc has some body armor for this part of the wedding.
If he makes it, and I'm sure he will, he then begs Aim's family to allow him to marry their daughter. After that there's the romantic part where the girls go gaga and the guys nap.
Gilbert's coming. Aim called him the 'Humper". I've explained to him that after Aim's married her leg is off limits.
The sun has come out. I like going to other people's weddings. Then there's the baby announcements to come, the kids birthdays, anniversaries, kids graduations, their marriages and all kinds of party occasions. Families entwine.

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