Friday, July 26, 2013

Commercial Street

The Friday rush hour traffic was too backed up to sit for long in the hot sun. Gilbert in his fur coat was glad when I pulled off Hastings opting for a coffee and cookie at the esteem able Continental Coffee. A veritable blue white tattooed Viking goddess served me while Gilbert sheltered in the shade.
Reading the latest Science magazine I learned of the STEM the science,technology,engineering, and mathematics educational push to reboot North America all too long mired in flakey politics and self celebrating arty stupidity. Even the greatest artists of their day were scientists whereas today so much revolves around fatuous fashion. Having had straight A's in arts and science I appreciate the value of both but know that far too many in the arts crowd have developed severe entitlement. Meanwhile true scientists are bypassed for the pseudoscience that is stupid enough for the ignorant to grasp.
Justin Troudeau meanwhile is promoting marijuana use in Canada where the greatest number of teens smoke dope. I smoked my share of dope when it was the strength of beer rather than the 100 proof acid dope today. Not a bad election strategy given the billions of dollars in illegal returns looking to protect their criminal past in the whitewashed future.
I don't think the aging baby boomers are so keen to have their increasing non English speaking care givers stoned out of their gourds and armed with catheters. Quebec, least science literate of the provinces and recently most corrupt of city halls has the most dope smoking in the country.
There really are alot of beautiful people on Commercial enjoying the fabulous sunshine.
Aim and Marc are getting married tomorrow in traditional Thai wedding. Marc is a very astute French Canadian with a great sense of humor and Aim is a brilliant and beautiful Thai scholar. They make a great couple and they'll make gifted babies.
Gilbert is invited.
I'm looking forward to motorcycling on Sunday. God is good. Thank you, Hallelujah! amen!

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