Monday, July 8, 2013

Leslie Jordan

Thanks to Moon I heard and attended Leslie Jordan's comedy show, "Fruit Fly: Do Gay Men Really Become their Mothers?"  Leslie Jordan won the 2006 Emmy for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series for his work on Will and Grace.  He's also appeared in Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Monk and Murphy Brown. Tonight's sold out show was featured at the Orpheum Annex and sponsored by the Filmore Family.  The Loving Spoonful charity was advertised with Fred Lee, among others, promoting their upcoming  "Awesome Race' fund raiser.
Then Leslie Jordan was simply non stop storytelling heart stroking and more wonderful with his witty reflections on growing up gay in a military family in the Chattanooga south, his mother's favourite until the twins.  Grand photo shot backdrops in black and white and early kodak colour captured this very well dressed little boy whose family really did epitomize 'Father Knows Best' until Father died and the stepfather stepped in.  How extraordinary to hear this remarkably funny story of deep pathos, resilience and entertainment.
I was simply enthralled by the performance and the humour had me bursting out in gut wrenching laughter.  I was almost in tears when he explained that his southern belle mother getting traveller's cheques for the first time was asked by the  bank teller , "what denomination?"  answered, Baptist.
After, I bought his latest book, "My Trip Down the Pink Carpet". I  enjoyed being able to have my picture taken with the "author" at this after show impromptu signing, even if it does look like I'm groping him.
Moon who'd  seen him here when she was last visiting Vancouver shared  recollections to their mutual amusement.  Two Americans meeting again and again in Canada.  Thank you Leslie for a heart warming evening. I am so glad you keep coming back as I too  hope to see you again and again!
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