Sunday, July 14, 2013

Main Street, Vancouver

I've stayed in the city enjoying exploring neighbourhoods of Vancouver. I so rarely do. Commercial Drive is a perennial favourite but it's been too long since I walked along Main Street. It just gets better. I parked up by King Edward and walked with Gilbert down to this Around the World Coffee at 20th. There's a profusion of funky coffeeshops along here. The fashion boutiques are also unique and far more upscale than I remember.
Ostensibly I'm looking for a desk to replace the one I broke at the office. Right now boxes of what used to be in the desk are still sitting in the corner a coupe of months later. I've seen a couple of pieces I liked, one French and the other Irish but neither really does it. It's a good excuse for walking the dog in town.
Despite what the advertisements on my face book say neither rich, young or sexy women are interested in me. Not even men have approached me for
a sexual hook up. So I'm beginning to think these ads might be a tad deceptive. Meanwhile Gilbert has either tried to hump or been humped by every other dog he has met.
I have had some great photo ops getting a picture of Gilbert in a British red telephone booth like the kind Dr Who uses.
There are a lot of good looking young people in Vancouver. Not everyone is fat wearing sneekers.
I'm wearing my cool Seattle tan utility kilt with Harley Davidson striped baseball shirt and cap with Teva sandals. I'm styling but being over 60 I'm the only one that appreciates that I got dressed up for church. otherwise weekends are boat shorts and Harley t shirts if I'm not riding my motorcycle.
Blue jean short shorts and a black noodle strap top is almost a uniform for young women here abouts. Not so many sun dresses but lots of long full length cotton one pieces cinched at the waist. Great patterns and colours.
I'm going to head on again.
Gilbert's had a drink so is ready to pee on everything all over again.

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