Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Thank you God for this day.  Thank you for the sunshine, the blue skies, the calm seas.  Thank you for family and friends and Facebook and internet and email that keeps me aware of their activities. Thank you for letting me laugh with their joys.  Thank you for the laughter.  Thank you for my work. Thank you for helping me help people. Thank you for allowing me to ease their pain and help them find their way out of the abyss and wrong turns of their lives.  Thank you for my training and my teachers. Thank you for my colleagues. Thank you for this life. Thank you for the sights, and smells, and intuitions. Thank you for breathing and hearts beating .  Thank you for sensation. Thank you for sexuality. 
Thank you for digestion. Thank you of course for Gilbert and the fish and plants in the office. Thank you for food and water and refrigeration. Thank you for indoor plumbing. Thank you for my vehicles. Thank you for shopping and camping and boating and sailing and motorcycling and bicycling and walking and resting. Thank you for the Bible and all the other holy texts. Thank you for symphony and opera and Serius music in the car. thank you for Christian music inspiration.  Thank you for travel and other cultures and ideas and books and writing. Thank you for reading and eyes and thoughts.  Thank you for my church and my country.  Thank you for all the love and good times I've known. Thank you for my parents now passed away and bless them in their journey. Thank you for family and friends who have moved on to the next life. Thank you for an end to pain and the promise of death. Thank you for birth and rest and restoration.  Thank you for coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. Thank you for the city of Vancouver.  Thank you for the harbour and highways.  Thank you for all the businesses and all who work to make the world a better more creative  and kinder place.  Thank you for my fishing rod and guns and the means to obtain my own food and the knowledge of how to prepare food.  Thank you for the gardens I've had and the memories I have of chicken farming and turkeys. Thank you for the partridge and ducks and rock cod and salmon. Thank you for swimming.  Thank you for pools. Thank you especially for hot tubs.  Thank you for all your blessings. Thank you for sobriety. Thank you for your son Jesus. Thank you for all the Saints of the world and the roads that all lead to spiritual Rome. Thank you for Jonah and Job. Thank you for television and dvds'  Thank you for all the entertainment.  Thank you for fragrances and showers and soap.  Thank you for the light this morning. Thank you for all your blessings. Be with me in all my endeavours today. Guide me in all my actions. Be with me in my breathing in and breathing out. May I know your will and do your will today in all and everything and at every moment.  Help me to heal and help me to see clearly and think and feel with enlightenment.  Thank you for grace. Help me to be less reactive and more proactive. Help me to be more sensitive and more careful and more cautious than even I am usually. Help me not to hurt in even the questions I'm required to ask. Help me save a life and show a person where to turn around and get out of the box they've made for themselves and now are miserable in. Help me do thy will. Help me be there and still my fears and insecutiies, lessen my pain, and hold me in your arms as I am a child and cry inside so easily when I feel I am not near you.  Never let me leave you.  Let me know you are always near.  Help me to hear your small voice. Help me to be with you always.  Thank you Lord and Saviour. Thank you Holy Spirit.

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