Saturday, July 6, 2013

Coal Harbour Journal , Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm waiting for the expresso coffee machine to make those harsh noises that say heaven is ready to be poured. I add cream and honey to the brew. One cup this morning already.  Now I've just returned from a runaround in the AB 12 Inflatable with Honda 30 hp Outboard.  The waves were a 3-4 foot chop and 15 wind.  Lots of big working boats in the harbour and changing tides stirred it up something too.

I was going to add a stingray hydrofoil to the cavitation plate of my new Honda Outboard but chickened out.  This is where I need guys around to committee me along.  Either that or I turn to an engineering buddy and ask his help.  I don't mind fixing things but am unnerved altering a finished product.  I had no problem putting in a new plunger post on the old toilet. I loved fixing up the old chicken house in the country. I've enjoyed carpentry and engine repair and all sorts of handy man tasks about the house, boat and camp.  It follows being raised by my fix everything father and  from my year of surgical training. I enjoyed cutting out disease as a gp, draining abscesses, removing lumps and bumps,  putting in swan gang catheters, all manner of lines and lumbar punctures.  But I remember assisting a plastic surgeon and thinking how much courage and skill it takes to alter what is functional with the hope of making it better.

So instead of working on the outboard I piled Gilbert and the gear in the boat and took it for a spin in the harbour. Kind of like cruising around the neighbourhood in the Harley or one's first car.  I finally got to see Gilbert's favourite dog park from the water too.  He was ecstatic, jumping off the boat into the surf in his yellow lifejacket, then running across the sand to greet other furry friends and tell them his adventure.

A cop stopped me on an alcohol check on the way home last night. Like a dog he asked me if I'd been drinking and sniffed my breath.  Gilbert gets right in there and sniffs the genitals and ass.  That way dogs know what kind of fixings they've each been getting. It also lets them know if the ladies are interested.  I can't help but think it's a more direct way of finding out compared to computer dating and coy texting.

Meanwhile there's a distinct possibility my dog is bisexual.  He's got a real fetish for legs too, human legs and big dog legs. I'm still telling him no and he looks at me like, "oh was I doing that again, I didn't know" or the dog 'attitude' look, "you humans may have a hang up with humping but I'm a dog and this is a perfectly natural and normal thing for a dog to do, better than wearing that helmut you tried to foist on me until I finally clawed it off in China Town."

I'm supposed to be a conference. I had to give Gilbert some dog and human time since he was alone for hours yesterday while I enjoyed the speakers and spiritual messages.  I'll mosey over shortly but I am enjoying this coffee. I've got Hebrew to study and the new DSM5 to review. I've been discussing the latter with the changes on some on line psychiatrist chat sites. Turns out I'm mainstream in my praise.

I enjoyed reading the Medical Post physician survey which said that 40% of doctors were frustrated with the increasing demands, declining autonomy and the frivolous and vexatious complaints process.  Here we have workplace bullying all the theme, and no one realizes that doctors have been getting this increasingly with the result that mediocrity is rising everywhere.  Creativity and generatively don't thrive in hostile environments.  A recent article by a female physician pegged the whole frustration and showed it wasn't just old fat white guys but rather what a systemic flaw. I'm always being criticized like I'm the only one who has a problem with something. What the Aussie's call the 'tall poppy syndrome', but then I find out I'm really mainstream and a powerful minority with a radical agenda are perpetrating their myths.  I can't fault them for their self serving vision either. I think they may know more than I do as this is so often the case especially when I look into political matters in depth. It's just their lack of grace and responsibility that offends. They do unto others but would not have done unto them. They've  also done everything in their power to be away from making the decisions in the front lines so they can be a back bencher safe and free from reality criticizing those actually doing the work. I loved learning that Buckminister Fuller years ago indentified the problem that we had too many inspectors, and inspectors of inspectors and inspectors of inspectors of inspectors.

It makes me think that administrators need to go to Al Anon and learn about their own issues with control.  I'm looking at my own issues with outcome analysis versus intent and wondering about the motive within the motive.  I so enjoyed the Singapore academic who was told by his sponsor to stop being overly analytical and 'lighten up'.  That's certainly been a life long goal.

I didn't study. I played hooky. I didn't do the boat work. t enjoyed the sun. But I did make breakfast, took out the garbage, fixed the toilet, finished reading the brilliant Thieves of Heaven, by Richard Doetch, and began reading the incredible book, Proof of Heaven, by neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander.  I like this meeting because there are so many people who have 'come to believe'.  It always feels like one has to go back to speaking 'kitchen english' with these people who are so arrogant in their ignorance, having themselves not experienced anything remotely extraordinary because they've played it so utterly safe.  I'm not surprised Eben experienced what he did as he was already jumping out of planes for fun and that certainly requires a major measure of 'faith'.  If I'd stayed in the safety of the main offices and cities I'd probably not feel so sure this is all just a minuscule sliver of reality.  Aging though I am finding myself more reflective of the future.

Now I'll have to get dressed and go off and be social.  I've enjoyed the sun and sea.  Were it not so windy I'd have continued on to go out fishing in English Bay.  Tomorrow I may even make it to church, something I'm remiss on in the summer when I'm away on weekends.

At Trev Deely yesterday I ordered the new gel handle grips to reduce vibration as well as the new security system tied to a pager.  I'm moving along with the plan for the summer ride.  Also was in at ProTec arranging for more security features for my boat.  Stem to Stern was helpful as was Western Marine. I phoned Lee at Honda Marine and got some great advice about my Honda too.

I enjoyed meeting a delegate from St. Louis and telling her the wonders of Vancouver but advising her to beware of theft since it's becoming like Mexico City, the police and legal system losing track of the significance of 'property crime'.   Everyone relies on 'insurance' but American Independence and the constitution of freedom emphasized protection of property because without it devolution occurs rapidly.  The idea of 'communal' property in tribal society came with enforcement of any damage or loss to community goods not this slovenly idea of 'it don't matter' which is always the halcyon cry of the thief until their property is taken.  But thieves never have peace of mind because they're always aware whatever they have isn't their own and they have no rights to possession except the primitive 'strong man' rationalizations.  Aging for the thief is frightening and thieves commonly die horrible deaths alone and unloved.  We're watching this on a grand scale as dictators fall.

Oops 'lighten up'.  "Lighten Up'.  I wish I had a tail so I could wag it.  Gilbert is such a fabulous coach!  It's a great day, beautiful sunny blue sky warm day with all the wonders of this world waiting celebration.

Thank you God for all your blessings and the privilege of this life in Canada this day. Thank you for the air and sea and sun and family and friends. Especially thank you for Gilbert and vehicles and coffee and computers and communication.  Thank you for Mazda, Ford, Harley and Honda. Thank you for Folkes and Yanmar. Thank you for the scents of summer.  I'm enjoying this Sage vaporizer right now with 'liquid sunshine' oil filling the boat with healthy aromatherapy.

I'm looking forward to getting into some clean clothing and going out to be with spiritual people celebrating unity and healing.  Thank you God for like minded people.  Thanks for all the friends and memories I've been so blessed with. Thanks for my staff and office and work as well.  I'm so thankful for all the learning I received in university and my teachers and then the incredible experiences and knowledge that allowed me to help so many.  Thank you for doctors, nurses, teachers and yes, thanks for the hard working folk in government and bureaucracy.  Thank you for this city and the country.  BC is staggeringly beautiful in summer.

I drove the boat over the the park where there's a pool. Gilbert ran around with several dogs and then we got back in the boat and watched some tugs working. What amazing extraordinary massive work they do with these freighters. It's a wonder  to think of all the truckers and freighters and tankers and all the men and women working behind scenes to bring us goods and water and electricity.  It's wonderful all that is going on in the world of building and sustaining. Thank you for insight God. Thank you for showing me how much I take for granted every day.  Help me to always know my own right size.  Thank you.  IMG 3285

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