Sunday, July 28, 2013

Motorcycling Spokane to Bute, Montana

I got in at 11 pm and had to get up at 2 am to catch a taxi at 3 to be at the airport for 4 am to depart to Seattle at 6 am.  It was a short stop over in Seattle. I arrived in Spokane where Mr. Lawless was waiting with his taxi. Great morning drive to Lone Wolf Harley Davidson Dealers. The guys there had solved my ABS brake problem finding the old code to set it right.  By 10:30 am I was on the highway.  Terrific service.
I brought more tunes.  This time I had all the iPod music but in addition I'd collected a bunch of cd's from home.  Barrelling along the highway at 70 mph is made even better with just the right cruising music.  Steve Bell was still a hit with me after I found out how I enjoyed his music riding into Spokane. This time I also played Third Day, my favourite Christian Rock band, Steppenwolf of course, with the Born to be Wild Theme song.  I loved hearing them at Sturges North.  I listened to Guess Who as well this stretch. Some of the time I turn off the stereo or listen to the FM or AM radio when I'm near a town.
The ride from Spokane was first through Idaho hills where the pine smells were so rich. There'd been fog and chill in Seatle so I was glad to be in the heat and sun that started in Spokane. It got really dry when I got a little ways into Montana.  By Missoula it was grass plains.  Real cattle country.
I passed Blackfoot and Little Blackfoot Rivers. The rest areas had great history plaques about the engineering that went into the building of the first major roads in the mid 1800's.  Lots of Silver in the hills.  I got to an elevation near 5000 feet at one point before getting on to Montana plains and rolling hills. I could see the cowboys and Indians riding through these valleys for sure. Enjoyed seeing paint horses and remembering the great western novels about Paint Horses.
I stripped at the last rest stop and climbed into the river. It wasn't deep enough to swim but I could lie on my belly and back and get a thorough cooling dunking. It was especially refreshing on my face and head.  I'd been watching all these people along swimming in this river's swimming holes  and was finally able to join in.  Reminded me of swimming in the prairies as a kid.
I stopped at Missoula Grizzly Harley Davidson.
I had to nap at one rest area, my eyes were so gritty. Then when I pulled into Bute I met Guy outside the Alano Club.  I left my bike there and he drove me up to an outdoor grill where I had the best new yorker steak .  I'd not eaten all day and had been seeing a lot of Black Angus cattle that were whetting my appetite. I just loved that steak.  Then we were at a meeting and everyone was so friendly. Thanks to Guy I found this Best Western.
He's a Harley Rider, was helping at the Evil Kneevil Show last week in Bute. I saw the posters still up as I came into town. He'd been at the Association of Injured Motorcyclists.  A real caring and loving guy who does a lot of service helping with the church and disabled people.  Plays a Marten too.  Couldn't get over the books we'd read in common.  He'd not read Spirituality of Imperfection so I was pleased to turn him on to that. We'd both enjoyed Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. I was reading that still on the plane to Spokane.  What an incredible story.
Now I'm just 'rendering' the Gopro movie I made wearing the thing on my helmut for a bit before Missoula.  Now I'm at the Butte Plaza Inn Best Western and knowing I'm going to enjoy a good night sleep. I washed my underwear and socks and hung them up.  I'll actually get a breakfast in the morning.  Must remember to wake. I'm planning on driving to Livingston on the I90 then turning right to head south through Yellowstone. I have a desire to see a geyser again. I've gone through Yellowstone several times but it's always been sensational.  Though I remember the traffic was tediously slow.  I loved seeing the wildlife.
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