Saturday, July 13, 2013

English Bay Boating

The AB12 Profile Inflatable with the Honda 30 hp 4 stroke outboard engine called to me today. With Gilbert in his life jacket we set out for a day on the water.  It's a delightful boat to take for a drive but to get speed it has to be up on the plane.  At full open throttle it hangs for a second feeling like it may flip back over before it takes off like a bronchi out of the cage at the rodeo.  The water was churned up a bit in Coal harbour so it was bouncing like a bronchi.
Once I got under First Narrows I headed out to Spanish Banks.  There were a lot of boats out with the weather so fine. The beaches were packed with bodies soaking up the sun too.  I full throttle planed out to Wreck Beach.  It's a nudist beach but today almost as many people were wearing suits. I anchored off the beach and before jumping in for a skinny dip had to really look to make sure I was at Wreck Beach and there were other nudists out there.  Gilbert in his life jacket stayed on board barking for me to return at first.  I was happy to swim ashore.  Something almost tropical and Robinson Crusoe about swimming naked and walking out onto the beach starkers.  No one took any notice. I've arrived at the invisible age. I didn't stand around too long either before retiring to the water to swim back.  Typical of nude beaches there was a wide variety of body types.   It had been 20 years since I was last here I think. Then everyone had been nude, The atmosphere of the 60's was still present. Gilbert was delighted when I climbed  back into the boat insisting on licking my face before I was halfway in
A party boat with bikinied girls and young guys arrived and anchored.. They had that disco dance music, the girls dancing. I pulled on my shorts.  I'd brought a  thermos and really enjoyed coffee on the water. Gilbert was happy with bottled water.
The wind and waves were with me as I scooted back to False Creek. I stopped at the dog beach under the bridge. Gilbert had a riot running about in his yellow life jacket sniffing butts and genitals.  I had to pick him up by the life jacket strap and return him to the boat or he'd have stayed to play all day.
I'd told Tom I wanted the speed boat so I could go to the Granville Island market. And that's just what I did. Sherrie and I used to dinghy over before we left for Mexico, when I had the commercial license on the GIRI and we stayed at the Fisherman's Docks.  Now here I was again, albeit with a bigger dinghy and motor. Before heading out to Hawaii I'd moored the SV GIRI here to provision with Laura's help. Gilbert and I walked about Granville Island a bit. I bought another life jacket, several of my old ones having been trashed for safety sake.   It really was fun to go into the market and get fresh fruit, salmon fillets and some beef for barbecue.  I liked bringing them back to the boat and returning home on the water.
I stopped for gas at the fuel barge.  Everyone in False Creek was paddle boarding and kayaking. Lots of swimmers in the beaches of the West End.  Once I got out of the channel I got out the dowrigger and threw out a line. I caught what I think was a gooey duck but not knowing how to cook it threw it back.  It was just fun to fish. At First Narrows Lions Gate Bridge I stowed my fishing gear.
I soared across Coal Harbour.
Back in GIRI I really enjoyed a shower. Then fried up the salmon I caught at the Granville Island Market.  I 'm warm now and thankful I  remembered to cover myself in Coppertone sun screen.  I was 6 hours on the water.  Gilbert is crashed on the floor. What a great day in the neighbourhood.
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