Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dubois, Wyoming to Walden, Colorado

I started at the Super 8 I'd found at night and enjoyed so much, thanks to the heat and my being chilled and tired.  In the morning I stopped in Lander having enjoyed the ride, stopping to take pictures along the way. The rock formation were incredible.
I loved the big sky.  The cross winds were something fierce though.  The weather channel announced 25 mph winds and warned against tornados. I could only hope I wasn't near any but surely kept an eye on the sky.  I remember being lifted half a lane over in the air and set back down again driving along the Gorge. As a consequence I hugged my side of the lane not wanting a repeat performance of that exciting moment.
I love the terrain, the rock formations, the colours, the blue sky and clouds, the emerald green vegetation and tumble weeds.  Real cattle country. I imagine seeing cowboys and rodeo and think of the plains Indians on spanish ponies.  Rivers are named after the different local tribes.  I loved the red hills and those layered coloured ones too.
There was road construction in one place, Real off road driving conditions. I saw quite a few herds  of antelope.  There were also black angus cattle and some long horns.  In the evening I saw a few deer as well. Lots of wildlife in southern Wyoming and northern Colorado.

I'm still enjoying  listening to Steven Bell.  I love his song, On a morning like this.  I've been listening to Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Third Day, Steppenwolf, even Mumford and Sons and Cowboy Junkies  but keep coming back to Steven Bell.  He's really been uplifting listening on this motorcycle ride.  

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