Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thai Wedding - Aim and Marc

Aim and Marc were officially married today. It was a Thai ceremony though Mark is French Canadian.  Thai dancers and Thai music. Aim looked thoroughly beautiful in the traditional gown whereas Marc look regal in suit and sash.  The opening was a ceremony of challenges for Mark, questions he had to answer , which were very funny when put by the youngest members in the audience.  Then the Bride and Groom were united and gave fruit dishes to their parents. A Thai ceremony of marriage with exchange of rings was followed by hand washing purification by all in attendance.  This was followed by the legal notary public marriage finalized by a kiss.  Parents signed the official documents as witnesses.  Thai dancers performed and fine food was served. What a wonderful evening in Port Moody looking out at the boats at anchor.
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Aim said...

So happy you and Gilbert were there and that you enjoyed the ceremony. The day went by so fast. The ceremony meant more to us than just having friends and families celebrate with us. It was our commitment to our families and recognizing where we came from.