Monday, July 15, 2013

Tom, Gilbert and Bill aboat in Coal Harbour

When I got back from wandering around Commercial and Main Street with Gilbert after church Tom was at the dock. I invited him over to the boat for dinner.  Before we got down to chow though we all had to go out in the new AB12 Profile Inflatable with the Honda 30 HP 4 stroke Outboard.  After getting us out in the harbour I let Tom take over the helm.  I had the Hero 3 camera mounted.  I had hoped for more 'action' but it captured Gilbert and me instead. I got the shot of Tom with the iphone movie camera.  It was a great Sunday evening drive about the neighbourhood.  When we got back, I set Tom to barbecuing the porkchops I'd bought the day before on Granville Island while I baked potatoes in the microwave, boiled carrots on the gas stove and got out the sour cream and butter for the potatoes. We had a feast while watching Men in Black 3 Blu ray DVD. Tom hadn't seen it but I was glad to watch it again while we devoured a  bag of BC Cherries.  Gilbert loved cleaning up the plates and eating some of the pork chops we shared with him.  A good evening was had by all.

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