Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yellowstone Park

I entered Yellowstone Park through the West Entrance.  I have been at least two other times. I've a spectacular picture of a moose which I got by chasing it down a stream and confronting it head on. I was younger then. There were elk wandering around but not the herds I'd seen on other trips.  I didn't see the herds of bison either.  But what I'd come for was the geysers. I really wanted to see Old Faithful.  I stopped at the first set of active geysers I saw from the road.  There was a walk way and I took pictures along with the other tourists. It's truly amazing having this water bubbling up and spurting out of the soil from some great depth below.  At the Lodge I learned that Old Faithful was to go off at 5:45 pm so I had about a half hour to get a salad and coffee. Then it was this incredible age old event with all these spectators and it was the same as when I was there in the 80's and 90's .  Amazing.
I drove on to the south entrance through the Teton forest. On the way I saw the Keppler Cascades, another falls  and these great lakes. Then it was mountain riding and as all places were taken I drove through till midnight when I found the Super8 in Dubois.

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