Tuesday, August 16, 2016

As a Canadian I am demonized today

As a Canadian I am demonized today because:
1) I believe in God and Jesus Christ and am demonized for these beliefs.  I am ridiculed and condemned yet I am supposed to accept that those who are so judgemental of theists and Christians are themselves enlightened and tolerant. I am persecuted for my beliefs attacked as ignorant and insane for my faith.
2) I am pro life. Our Justin Trudeau is pro abortion and dictated that no one can be in his government who disagrees with abortion.  I am by this one ultimatum of the petite Napoleon, persona non grata. I am ‘excluded’ by this government who claims to be diverse and inclusive. I have been screamed at and condemned and threatened for simply expressing and holding this belief.
3) I am a scientist and consider the central hypothesis of Climate Change, that the world is heating up principally due to man’s production of hot air purely a political construct with little scientific basis. I believe in Carbon Dioxide, the breath of life for plants and believe the taxation of carbon is a grand scheme of disinformation for political purpose. I have watched ever promise of the Climate Change Cult be proved wrong from Silent Spring’s death by ‘acid rain’ , to the boiling away of the planet by the destruction of the ozone layer, to Al Gore the greatest scientific fool of the century promising the ice caps would be gone by 2015.  All the fish continue to live in the post Silent Spring world, and Mount St. Helena spewed more ozone into the climate than man in man’s life time with no damage to the ozone layer whose hole mysteriously appears to lessening. Now the Ice Caps are alive and well and never before has plant life been so radiant and yet I am demonized for saying that Canada has reached an all time embarrassing low by creating a Department of Climate Change. For a scientist this is like living in a world where the government has created a Department of Scientific Alchemy.  That’s the sleight of hand of Climate Change and because I am opposed to this ridiculous deceit and the even more preposterous claims that the ‘world is going to end’ if you don’t give me more billions of dollars, then I am even threatened as a scientist with incarceration. Scientists simply don’t say other scientists who disagree with them should be put in jail or asylums but totalitarians do.
4) I am a libertarian mostly and against Communism specifically.  I am demonized as a person who faced with the question of the ‘state against the individual’ puts more faith in the individual than the state.  The state has killed more people than the individual and people in groups commonly act poorly compared to an individual. While I respect institutions I’m not naive to the history of the mass killing of innocents by the eurocrats of Communist Russia, Communist China and Fascist Germany.  Yet I am attacked and demonized for not agreeing with the belief in Big Government, Centralization of Authority, Bigger Government and loss rights of regions and individuals.
5) I hunt and fish and kill, clean and prepare my own meat but suddenly those who are fed on mass by the urban butchers and industries of commercial endeavour hold me as somehow evil and primitive and a killer. The effete even approach food as a fashion statement and condemn outright all humans that preceded their experiment in taste. I and the billions upon billions before us are the enemy overnight and these sentimentalists defend the chicken and lamb but not the snake and alligator or even the fish. It’s bizarre how the cuddly are championed but I am those like me who hunt are demonized and suddenly the ‘trophy hunter’ is akin to the gas chamber bureaucrats who gassed children in the wars.  The level of ignorance of the media and the urbanites is frightening because they all don’t seem to know that no food goes to waste in the wild and a ‘trophy’ hunt is about killing the oldest and most likely to die from old age that winter.  More case for protecting veal in the restaurant than from killing the 8 point buck.  Most unusual and outrageously ignorant behaviour in this mass hysteria fueled by urban elitism against all those who living in the country consider eating home grown vegetables and home shot meat as normal as the horrid city person might be considered for going to the 5 star restaurant.  Yet here I am, son of a hunter, grandson of a rancher, raised on wild game and home grown vegetables all my life maligned by the masses as somehow un Canadian.  I am demonized and excluded by those very effete who claim to be non judgemental and inclusive.
6) I am wholly against political correctness which I believe is the language of totalitarianism and goes against all the freedoms which the poor and marginalized have fought for since the origins of the magna carta.  The Politically Correct have always been the ‘courtly’ the fawners, and the psychopaths and sociopaths who chameleon but lack substance and character. I believe in truth by contrast not relative truth but truth, the objective, agreed truth of consensus arrived at by hidden ballot if not by common sense.
7) I believe in democracy and the right of dissent.
I feel increasingly that Canada, once a tolerant nation is intolerant of the familiar, it’s own and it’s forbears and suddenly embraces strangers while condemning me and those like me. I am afraid in Canada today because of the violence of those who powerfully maintain that they are peaceful and loving but are not this to me.

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