Thursday, August 18, 2016

Random Thoughts on the News

The news continues to be more insane than the words of my most insane patients who I see day to day.  The lies of the media are beyond those that the psychopaths, sent to me by the courts, conceive. The competing claims of the various politicians are more fanciful than the insanity of my manic patients. There are countless promises and grand schemes that sound so like the most drug addicted patients who I see still spouting schemes despite being broke and homeless

I remember working in the asylum and a patient telling me that the bars on the window were to keep the world out.

"We're sensitive here and need a place to heal."

I read a book once where a man built walls around a little bit of beach. He put his bed and desk and table on the beach and looked back on the land.  Asked why, he said that it had been a mistake to come ashore and he wanted to divide himself from the world.  He was in his own way giving up on the amphibious and seeking something wholly fishy.

I can't help but think of Walden Pond and Civil Disobedience.  My Chinese friend asked me, "Are these interesting times."  I said yes, knowing what the Chinese say of those.  I believe so.  A curse and a blessing.

The hysteria rises.  The greed and fear of the authorities are palpable.

A genius and wise man told me that there's a struggle by the Globalists for control. They want to rule the world. One World Order.  A great empire of Arendt banality. Bureaucrats who see themselves with power and wealth and little risk to themselves. They are Brussels and Washington and Ottawa and Berlin.

I think of Leonard Cohen's songs. Not Hallelujah. We're getting to that. No, rather 'then we take Berlin.'

Germany has risen again as a caricature, a frightening clown face.

"Hillary is sick and dying. Some say it's Parkinsons.  One doctor insists she has a brain tumour. I think it's just end stage alcoholism but she can't last long.  She has seizures and needs help up stairs and is always falling."

"Do you think they'll attempt an assassination, blame it on Trump.  and then get Cain in."

The name Cain is biblical. The stories of the Torah return.

"It's known George Soros wants to destabilize the west. That's the Islamic invasion. Not for the sake of them but as a means to impose civil war and authority.  Armies invade, like Hitler into Austria, like Putin into Ukraine, like America in to Cuba, claiming to assist  Always they are there to help, not to invade and conquer."

Public perception. Marketing.  The Devil wears Prada.

Climate Change is a hoax.  They're taxing the air we breathe.  All this is true but what's really new? The Emperor has new clothes but in this case it's the Voter has new clothes and everywhere the voting is changed to disenfranchise.

The Chinese shout down reporters. Their anger is palpable like the wrath one feels in the presence of a Hell's Angel Biker when you question the ownership of their motorcycle.

Steal a little and they put you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king. (Dr. Johnson).

It was ever thus.  So has anything changed.

Yes.  I'm getting older.  I have to pee more often. My right hand shakes from the injury to my cervical nerves from vehicular crashes and carrying books and books and more books by the thousands over the years in a satchel on that right side. Today I try not to carry anything on that side and drink coffee with my left hand.  Getting my hair cut the other day I looked in the opposing mirror and saw that I had a bald patch coming at the rear of my head. I'd be so much aware of the receding hair line that I'd not considered to look on the other side and seen that the age police while kicking down the front door but had staked out the back door as well. There is no escape in this world.

Death stalks. Old age creeps. These are the changes. Not out there. I am reading histories with glee seeing how little has changed. Same play. Different characters. The Bible remains the best though.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

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