Sunday, August 14, 2016

French Quarter, New Orleans

I’m been singing the praises of the food and people of the city of New Orleans.  It’s amazing how much revitalization has taken place since the storm.  I saw no destruction except some buildings were still closed.  The French Quarter was certainly alive and welcoming tourists and ready for business. I look forward to going again someday.  I’d like to drive there and have time for more visiting. This trip was for the IDAA conference at the Hilton and to quote Jim Croce "there’s just never enough time to do all the things you want to.” IMG 1302IMG 1465IMG 1393IMG 1356IMG 1363IMG 1386IMG 1310IMG 1308IMG 1408IMG 1411IMG 1396IMG 1395IMG 1415IMG 1341IMG 1416IMG 1345IMG 1301IMG 1300IMG 1355IMG 1350IMG 1355IMG 1433IMG 1449IMG 1406IMG 1432IMG 1430IMG 1426IMG 1417IMG 1425IMG 1421IMG 1450IMG 1441IMG 1458IMG 1444IMG 1443IMG 1459IMG 1466IMG 1468

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