Sunday, August 7, 2016

IDAA New Orleans 5 K run

Cheryl inspired me to join in the IDAA 5 k run some years ago. Lithe,beautiful,  healthy,  spiritual,  she is a runner poster child.   Carole and Bobby told me then I could walk with them.   John began running the 5 k  back then too.  He has now moved on to Iron man.  After motorcycle injuries I walked more than ran a few years.  This year I ran more than walked.    Progress not perfection.
I did not win but I wasn’t last either.
The winners had obviously been cheating.  They looked like they’d been practicing. Ray even admitted he’d done marathons this last year  in preparation for  all important IDAA 5 K run.    I haven’t run 5 k since last IDAA.  My home couch and office chair can attest to that.
When I came across that finish line I was comforted though by the presence of so many emergency doctors.  I loved their applause.  I would be in good hands if I had a cardiac arrest. I didn’t.  I actually felt amazingly well and alive.  Maybe I’ll cheat this year.  Now I can’t wait till next year.  Utah IDAA 5 k run, look out!
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