Sunday, August 14, 2016

Last of the Venison

I defrosted the last Venison roast.  I cut 4 steaks from that piece and barbecued them.  Coupled with Microwave baked potatoes with fresh butter and brussel sprouts Gilbert and I had a scrumptious meal. He stuck with bits of steak I gave me while I consumed everything.  Delicious.
I put one steak in a ziploc for a venison sandwich this week.
I shot one deer last year and it’s lasted a whole year.  I think of it as special so don’t eat it all up. Normally though I’m finished a deer by spring.  A moose or elk can last a couple of years.  This was a small deer but nonetheless it was special like all wild game.
Now I’ve got half a roast to cut up in stew meat for stew, curry or chilli.  I have the pressure cooker to use. Then I have rabbit from a couple of weekends back.  We’ll be bow hunting deer in only a few weeks.  I’d hoped to catch some fish but just haven’t had the time or inclination to get out fishing.  The seasons not over.
My nephew is gardening up a storm. My brother and sister in law have been watering plants for an hour a day to keep them alive while Ontario has had weeks of a drought that just broke.  We grew up on Dad’s ducks, moose, venison, rabbits and partridge and mom’s garden.  I’ve been raised that way. When we had the acreage I raised my own chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys.  I don’t miss the poultry as much as I miss the eggs. I’d love to have a half doze Arcana laying hens about. I just loved their delicious little eggs.
It’s a long way from my years as a strict vegetarian and then a lacto egg vegetarian.  I don’t really miss that though I learned a lot about food those years.
Thanks to a very kind man I’ve been gifted with an English wild game cook book and I am looking forward to having venison and partridge to practice with. I’ll probably use it when I make the next rabbit stew.  The pressure cooker should make the meat tender, something rabbit benefits from, though historically it was usually just cooked till the meat peeled off. That’s how I made rabbit stew when I lived in the country.  It’s had been a decade or so since I’d  shot a rabbit so I really did enjoy the rabbit stew Tom made when we were out camping and came across so many.
Thank you God for your bounty.

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