Monday, August 29, 2016

Gratitude Aug. 29, 2016

Thank you God for my home. Thank you for my own heating, running water, view, bed, and toilet. Thank you for this coffee this morning and the canned milk and honey. Thank you also for this Instant oat cereal and milk.  Thank you for my dog Gilbert who was laying next to me when I awoke.
Thank you for the dreams. I was glad to visit people I’ve not dreamed together with for sometime.  You will know who I mean.  It was one of those nuministic dreams, the gathering and the people, the peninsula but this time I was on land on my motorcycle and the boat was at anchor. I loved visiting all the homes and creative sites and seeing the people industriously productive.  It was kind of you to show me all this.  I liked the dogs too.
Thank you for the weekend. Thank you for the successful work on this RV. Thank you for friends, for Tom, and Laura, George, and John, Phillip, Willi, Kirk, and all those others who come in and out of my life with cheer.  I am ever thankful for associations.  Thank you for family. Help my brother and give him strength and success in his present trouble.
Thank you for Monday. Thank you for vehicles. Thank you for work and help me do thy will, be what is needed today to do the best I can and be the channel for your healing. Help me to practice the presence of God and live meditatively in the moment with awareness holding to the flow and being sensitive to all that is needed of me.
Thank you Lord for your the Holy Bible. Thank you for history as well. Thank you for novels and television and movies. Thank you for stories and play.
Thank you for showers and now I must run to enjoy my new and improved facilities thankful to be back in my home and restored to my routines.
Thank you Jesus.   Having spent the weekend reading about Chalcyon and the discussions of your divine and human nature I have no doubt that you shit and knew the meaning of a good shit.  Defecation is divine.  There are way too many constipated souls and dysfunctional toilets in this world where diarrhea is equally a concern.  Obesity and starvation go hand in hand in the feast and famine unreliability of this insecure temporal space where all the certainty lies in the whole and the depth.  Let me be ever close to you Lord. Help me know you truly and feel the strength and clarity and confidence in your presence. Thank you Lord.

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