Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So Long, Marianne

I am not normally moved when I hear of celebrity deaths.  Celebrities are a world away from my local concerns. Everyone in the news is mostly like the Greek Gods and Goddesses of olden days. Above my pay scale and in a different realm.  Priviledged and talented or corrupt. I never know.

I enjoy the product but I don't get into the 'behind the scenes' world.  I am amused at the Soap Opera and smile even more at those who read all about the actors and actresses.  Yet occasionally I'm touched especially when I meet someone, like I did recently, meeting Crosby of Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Meeting him I appreciated his music and contribution even more.

Leonard Cohen, his words and music,  have been apart of my life since childhood. I first heard his earliest songs sung by Jim Donahue at Wise Eye Coffeehouse.  I heard his first album when I was a teen ager staying over a night with a couple of  blond ski instructors in Banff Alberta.  I read his poetry first at Vincent Massey when I'd been sent to the library on detention.  I learned his song and sang them playing guitar for years, loving most the poetry.  I was truly moved  hearing and seeing Leonard Cohen in person one infinitely memorable performance in Winnipeg.

So Long Marianne has died.  I never knew her.  The song is a part of my youth and life.

My own friend Marianne always came to mind when I heard Leonard Cohen or anyone else sing this song.  So many people sing Leonard Cohen's songs.

My friend.  Marianne is the most beautiful willowy blond, a Joni Mitchell creation with a Neil Young, Heart of Gold. She's brilliant as creation.  We're all older now. Marianne's children are adults,  independent,  original, a blessing, a testament to the love I saw given them when they were young.  Marianne, is a mother bear of a mom.  Her cause was always the vulnerable.  I think of Marianne when I hear Leonard Cohen singing.

Hearing that Leonard Cohen's Marianne has died I'm reminded we're all older. Listening to him sing So Long Marianne I was taken back to my youth when I really did love like there was no tomorrow. Now I'm lost and limitted missing that young and crazy fool who wore flowers in his hair and really believed that 'love would conquer all'.  When I heard the word love, too, I thought of the women I knew.  I knew such peace and joy in their company.  It was sacred in a way Leonard Cohen's words and music were.

I don't think of celebrities much.  But sometimes.  When the daily struggle that is now my life wistfully hearkens back to laughter and  innocence.  So Long Marianne. Live long Leonard Cohen. Your words and music are already immortal. Hallelujah!


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Anonymous said...

we must have discovered leonard about the sametime
as I went to vincet nassey if that is the school you are refering to

thanks for the memories